Information and Resources

Giving Away the Farm: Why US EPA Should Reject the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Bid to Administer the Clean Water Act

This Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) report describes the problems with ODA’s enforcement and permitting of CAFOs, and explains why ODA should not be granted the authority to issue / enforce Clean Water Act permits.

Updated Factory Farm Draft Notices

ODA’s Livestock Environmental Permitting Program’s website has been updated to include the public notices, fact sheets and news releases for draft permits for many of the factory farms in the state.

America’s Animal Factories: How States Fail to Prevent Pollution from Livestock Waste

This Natural Resources Defense Council report describes the environmental and public health impacts of pollution generated by factory farms. Includes activist contacts and resources.

Animal Feeding Operations

EPA website designed to give farmers and others in the livestock industry, local watershed and community-based environmental groups, and interested citizens the information, resources and assistance they need to understand water quality issues associated with animal confinement facilities and what actions they can take to protect and restore their local watershed.

The Comparative Risk Project

Ohio State of the Environment Report 1995.

Database of Complaints and Enforcement for Livestock Operations in Ohio

Produced by the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP), this document includes all known enforcement actions and complaints related to livestock operations in Ohio based on information provided by the ODA, ODNR, OEPA, and US EPA in response to public records requests. (EIP, Oct. 2006)

How to Report Factory Farm Complaints in Ohio

Now that Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) has taken over Ohio’s state permitting program for factory farms, all complaints (fly outbreaks, manure spills, etc.) for facilities with more than 1000 animal units should be directed to the ODA. This factsheet from the Ohio Environmental Council will show you how to file a complaint.

Ohio Environmental Council’s CAFO Factsheet

Good introduction to Factory Farms and CAFOs, with links to resources in Ohio.

Ohio Livestock Manure And Wastewater Management Guide

This Ohio State University Ag Extension bulletin provides information to help the livestock owner or operator make informed decisions in choosing and operating a livestock manure-handling system that will minimize environmental impacts from pollution

Questions Pertaining to Large Dairy Enterprises in Ohio: Regulations

Informative Q&A about Ohio state regulations for large dairy operations. From the Ohio State University Agricultural Extension.

State Information

Provides state legislative information along with documents related to state and local government. Ohio. (Washburn University School of Law)

US Farms – State Fact Sheets

Links for each state, with current information about farm size, financial status, rural employment, land use, and more. (USDA)

Water Quality in the Lake Erie-Lake Saint Clair Drainages Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, New York and Pennsylvania, 1996-98

Water-Quality Assessment Reports from the US Geological Survey. National summary reports, published under the signature title “The Quality of Our Nation’s Waters,” describe water quality from a national perspective. The first report in this series covers nutrients and pesticides. Written primarily for public and private decision-makers, NAWQA summary reports discuss water quality in terms of status, trends, influences, and implications. The effects of land use and natural factors on chemical and biological aspects of water quality are emphasized. Local conditions are compared to national water quality statistics and national water-quality standards and guidelines related to drinking water, protection of aquatic life, and nutrient enrichment.

State and Local Government


The Ohio Environmental Council

A statewide networking organization working to inform, unite, and empower all Ohio citizens to protect the environment and conserve natural resources by rectifying past abuses and preventing future harm. On the website, you can sign up to receive emails with all of the latest news.

Wood County Citizens Opposed to Factory Farms

A group dedicated to educating the citizens in NW Ohio about the health and environmental dangers of mega-farms and actively pursuing solutions to protect their health, water and land. [download Cow’s Don’t Vote ad as a PDF]


Ohio Administrative Code 1501:15-5

Animal Waste and Agriculture Pollution Regulations

Ohio Senate Bill 141

Transfers the authority to issue national pollutant discharge elimination system (NPDES) permits for agricultural operations from the Director of Environmental Protect to the Director of Agriculture.