Information and Resources

Minnesota has experienced some of the worst environmental impacts of factory farms, but also boasts some of the most active and effective sustainable agriculture groups.

America’s Animal Factories: How States Fail to Prevent Pollution from Livestock Waste

This Natural Resources Defense Council report describes the environmental and public health impacts of pollution generated by factory farms. Includes activist contacts and resources.

Generic Environmental Impact Statement on Animal Agriculture

A collection of ten detailed studies that explore the complex issues involved in factory farming in Minnesota, written by experts in each field. They are wonderful tools for CAFO fighters in Minnesota, and serve as a model for other states. Funded by the 1998 Minnesota Legislature, the environmental impact statement was conducted as a result of the recent debate over the livestock-raising industry. (Minnesota Environmental Quality Board)

Anti-Corporate Farming Laws in the Heartland (1997)


Feedlot Air Quality Summary: Data Collection, Enforcement and Program Development

This 46-page study reported hydrogen sulfide and ammonia air data from around feedlot facilities from around the state throughout 1998.