Information and Resources

Agriculture and Natural Resources

University of Kentucky’s online publications section that pertains to agriculture and natural resources.

Assessment of the Potential for Livestock and Poultry Manure to Provide the Nutrients Removed by Crops and Forages in Kentucky

Provides a conservative assessment of the degree to which nutrients removed annually from the land by harvested crops and grazed forages could potentially be supplied from nutrients present in livestock and poultry manure in each Kentucky county. (Animal Waste Focus Group, Environmental and Natural Resources Issues Task Force)

Cumberland County KY Poultry Ordinance Upheld

Opinion of the Kentucky Court of Appeals overturning an appeal against an ordinance restricting poultry CAFOs. The court ruled that the ordinance was valid through the County Home Rule Statute, which allows local governments to enact ordinances controlling CAFOs in the interest of public health and welfare, and does not require such ordinances to be zoning restrictions. (January 31, 2003)

State Information

Provides state legislative information along with documents related to state and local government. (Washburn University School of Law)

US Farms – State Fact Sheets

Links for each state, with current information about farm size, financial status, rural employment, land use, and more. (USDA)

Water Quality in the Mississippi Embayment, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky 1995-98

Water quality assessment reports from the US Geological Survey.

State and Local Government


Save the Valley

Non-profit environmental organization in southeastern Indiana and northern Kentucky.


Permit requirements for AFOs and CAFOs

Definitions of CAFO and the permit requirements for CAFOs (swine, poultry, beef, and dairy) from Kentucky Division of Water.