The resources listed below will help keep you informed and updated on research, policy, and viewpoints relevant to sustainable agriculture. We strive to post materials that support our mission and that will help your community achieve its goals. Please download and use our project documentation to facilitate your efforts.

Project Documents

Coming soon:

  • MMPU – Background and Statistical information
  • MMPU – Emergency Planning Manual
  • MMPU – Emergency Planning Contact Information Sheet

Related Videos

  • MMPU Benefits – Mike Callicrate, owner of Ranch Foods Direct, discusses the benefits of mobile meat processing.
  • MMPU General Information – Laura Krebsbach, Renewable Harvest Director, and Mike Callicrate discuss the MMPU, how it can be customized, and how processing takes place using the unit.

Helpful Resources

  • Guide to Federal Funding for Local and Regional Food Systems – Federal funding programs, such as the “Small, Socially Disadvantaged Producer Grants” program, belong to everyone. This guide helps you locate funding and assistance for rebuilding local and regional food systems.
  • Food Defense Plan – These walk-through instructions are intended for small operations that want to follow the FSIS Notice requiring written procedures for the recall of meat and poultry products. Small plants were required to comply with the regulations by May 8, 2013.
  • The Food Recall Manual (FSHN 04-10) – This working manual provides practical resources that all organizations will find useful in preparing for and dealing with an actual recall event.

Articles and Books

  • The Wages of Food Factories – This informative article discusses how American agribusiness externalizes many of its costs, imposing them onto rural communities and local residents.