Guides for Eaters

pic_peppers_090424Socially responsible farms exist throughout the country. Lucky for us, as a result of the growing interest in good, fresh, nutritious food, it’s becoming easier and easier to find meat, eggs, dairy, and produce from these farms – learn how to find these foods your area!

  • Finding Healthy Food – Learn how to find food from good farms in your area.
  • Food Terms & Labels – Need help making sense of all the terms, claims and certifications that appear on food labels? Learn everything you need to know here.
  • Tips for Grocery Shopping – Learn to shop for groceries like a pro!
  • Foods to Eat Organic – The average American child gets over 5 servings of pesticides in their food and water per day. Find out which 12 foods to buy organic when shopping to avoid serving contaminated food to your family.