February 8, 2017 SRAP News from the Field

 There’s a Lot Happening in the Field The New Year has started off with a bang. We continue to respond to calls for help because of new factory farms coming to town. Since the beginning of the year,… Read More

Conrad and Joan Cline

Joan Cline stepped out onto her back porch and into the morning breeze. Noting that the air was fresh and clean, she decided to hang her newly washed rugs out to dry before moving on to other chores… Read More

MEDIA ALERT – Illinois Farmers and Citizens to Call for Legislature to Fix Broken Factory Farm System

Statewide community leaders to take on laws promoting irresponsible industrial livestock growth; damage to public health, rural air & water quality, economy and quality of life  WHAT:  Illinois farmers and rural community leaders impacted by the state’s factory… Read More

January 2017: SRAP News From The Field

We’re Standing With You The Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP) team has entered the New Year with a renewed commitment to support rural communities across the country working to protect themselves from the damages caused by factory farms. … Read More

Support SRAP This Holiday Season

      Blessings to You and Yours This Holiday Season From the SRAP Team! An SRAP Christmas T’was the night before Christmas on all of the farms The animals were napping in straw-filled barns. Their feed and… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Arizona Resident Appeals, Wins Favorable Order on Hickman Egg Operation from Maricopa County Air Pollution Hearing Board

Hickman facility potentially operating without valid accounting of harmful industrial henhouse emissions; County ordered to review compliance with federal Clean Air Act PHOENIX, AZ—December 20, 2016—The Maricopa County Air Pollution Hearing Board (APHB) quietly issued an important and… Read More

An SRAP Christmas

Please remember SRAP in your year end giving

December 2016 Dear Friend: Thank you for your support of the Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP) over the last year. Together, we are growing a movement in rural communities across America that is working to stop the unfettered… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Appellate Court Ends Nearly 3-Year Miscarriage of Justice for Two Illinois Citizens

SPRINGFIELD, IL––December 8, 2016––The Fourth District Appellate Court did in minutes what could not be undone in more than two and a half years of legal wrangling over a criminal contempt charge leveled against Illinois citizens Karen Hudson and Susan Turner. Hudson and… Read More

When Fighting Factory Farms, There Is No Middle Ground