PRESS RELEASE: Kewaunee County WI Dairy Fined $50,000 for Polluting Residential Well

Stahl Brothers Dairy penalized for contaminating a local drinking water well, wetlands & two streams; judgment & fine “tip of the iceberg” for rural Wisconsin pollution crisis MADISON, WI––JULY 25, 2017––The Wisconsin Department of Justice (WDOJ) has fined… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Federal Funds Keep Michigan Factory Farm Pollution Flowing

New mapping report documents industrial livestock operation waste & Farm Bill subsidies LANSING, MI––MAY 24, 2017––Today, the Less=More Coalition released A Watershed Moment, a report and interactive mapping project documenting how Michigan industrial livestock operations received millions of… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Schuyler County IL Residents ‘CARE’ About Their Future

Health & welfare risks of proposed hog CAFO sparks community outreach & public gathering tonight RUSHVILLE, IL–– MAY 8, 2017––The Schuyler County citizens group, Citizens Against Ruining Environments (CARE), is organizing the public to oppose a massive concentrated… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Gordon County GA Residents Call on Commissioners to Address Protections from Growing Health & Safety Risks of Industrial Poultry Operations

CALHOUN, GA ––APRIL 12, 2017­­––Supported by peer-reviewed scientific research and expert perspective on the impacts of industrial poultry operations provided in a letter delivered to the Gordon County Commissioners from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Center… Read More

PRESS RELEASE – Howard County IA Residents Fighting Reicks Factory Farm

DES MOINES, IA – APRIL 5, 2017 – A group of citizens is banding together to stop a new hog factory by Reicks View Farms in Howard County. At 2,499 head of hogs, the confinement is one hog under… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Arizona Resident Appeals, Wins Favorable Order on Hickman Egg Operation from Maricopa County Air Pollution Hearing Board

Hickman facility potentially operating without valid accounting of harmful industrial henhouse emissions; County ordered to review compliance with federal Clean Air Act PHOENIX, AZ—December 20, 2016—The Maricopa County Air Pollution Hearing Board (APHB) quietly issued an important and… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Appellate Court Ends Nearly 3-Year Miscarriage of Justice for Two Illinois Citizens

SPRINGFIELD, IL––December 8, 2016––The Fourth District Appellate Court did in minutes what could not be undone in more than two and a half years of legal wrangling over a criminal contempt charge leveled against Illinois citizens Karen Hudson and Susan Turner. Hudson and… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Maricopa County Residents to Board of Supervisors Chair Hickman: Withdraw from All Air Quality, Environmental Decisions

Citizen petition demands industrial ag executive recuse himself to “avoid further conflicts of interest”; STOPP cites ongoing federal Clean Air Act investigation of Hickman Family Farms Tonopah, AZ—September 21, 2016—Today, members of the Arizona community group STOPP Inc…. Read More

Press Release: Fulton County Township Drafts Resolution Opposing Massive Illinois Hog Operation Along the Spoon River

Bernadotte Township board members register opposition to planned 20-thousand head swine concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). BERNADOTTE TOWNSHIP, IL––August 22, 2016––Board members of Fulton County’s Bernadotte Township have signed into the public record a resolution opposing the siting… Read More

Minnesota: National Groups Support Family Farmers’ Appeal Against Factory Farm

 26 July 2016:  For Immediate Release St. Paul, Minnesota  A coalition of the nation’s leading public health and environmental groups, in an unprecedented action, joined a lifelong family farmer’s legal efforts to address the negative impacts associated with… Read More